1、creeper ?


2、aw man!

3、so we bacl in the mine,

4、got our pickaxe swinging from,

5、side to side,side side to side,

6、This task a grueling one hope to find some diamonds to,

7、night night night,

8、diamond to night, heads up,

9、you hear a sound trun around and look up,

10、total shock fills you body!

11、oh no it s you again,

12、I could never forget those,

13、eyes eyes eyes,

14、Eyes eyes Cause baby tonight!

15、the creeper s trying to stal all our stuff again,

16、Cause baby tonight!

17、you grab your pick shovel and bolt again!bolt again!

18、Run run Until it s gone…… done,

19、until the sun comes up in the morn.

20、Cause baby tonight!

21、the creeper s trying to steal all our stuff again!


23、just when you think you re safe,

24、overhear some hissing from,

25、Right be hind,Right right behind,

26、That s a nice life you have shame its gotta end at this,

27、Time time time,

28、Time time time time!




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