尤里的复仇脑死(尤里的复仇has encountered)

People like to talk a big game about what they would do if they ever met a celebrity, but what happens when the moment actually arrives?One Web user asked people “What is the stupidest thing you’ve said to a celebrity?” and the answers she received proved that keeping your cool is way easier said than done.

尤里的复仇脑死(尤里的复仇has encountered)


To get the ball rolling Marshall shared her own humiliating encounter with one of the queens of pop. “I once told [Lady] Gaga she looked like MARY Antoinette. I meant Marie,” she said, even adding video evidence of the memory. Well apparently word vomiting in front of stars is a common phenomenon and the thread soon went viral with people sharing fan freak-outs with famous faces from Taylor Swift to former President Barack Obama. Scroll down below to read some of these hilarious OMG moments and don’t forget to upvote your favs.

为了抛砖引玉,她在网上分享了自己遇到明星的糗事。那次她见到了流行女王,Lady Gaga,她称对方看起来像绝代艳后,可是发音却错了。她甚至把当时的视频都晒到了网上。看起来,遇到明星的时候,人们往往会慌不择言,网友们踊跃互动,人们纷纷晒出自己的段子,他们遇到的明星从Taylor Swift到美国前总统奥巴马,他们惊慌失措,洋相百出。往下翻翻,看看这些令人五体投地的经典段子,别忘了给你最喜欢的一则投上一票。

You may have seen celebrities from a distance but one web user wanted to know about the times’ people had actually come face to face with these icons


1.I bumped into Michael Keaton and loudly gasped” OMG BATMAN”

我撞见了Michael Keaton,我大吃一惊,随即大呼,“哦天呐,蝙蝠侠!”

2.Matt Damon asked if I was OK as I struggled to put my suitcase in the overhead compartment( he and his whole family were seated around me) I said “I ‘m just trying hard not to accidentally hit one of your kids in the face”


3.When I shook Obama’s hand I panicked and all I said was “thanks Obama”


4.When I met Brendon Urie I tripped over my words and said “you’re the reason I’m a lesbian” instead of“you’re the reason I came out”


5.Walked into an Imagine Dragons m&g with no idea what to say and I was like “will you all be my dads” and Dan Reynolds just goes “daughter!”

参加谜幻乐团的M&G,完全不知道该说什么,居然冒出一句,“你们愿意做我的爸爸吗?” Dan Reynolds马上蹦出一句,“闺女耶!”

6.Me yelling at a security guard at an Imagine Dragons concert (front row) “can I have some bloody water” and Dan Reynolds heard me, “you want some water, okay!” Walked back grabbed a bottle, my friend and I wrestled for it so he went to get a second bottle. Loved it but mortified.

在谜幻乐队的演唱会上,我对保安喊道,“能给我一瓶水吗?” Dan Reynolds听到了我的声音,说道,“你想要瓶水?没问题!”他走回去,拿来一瓶水给我。我和朋友为了这瓶水抢了起来,于是他又去拿来了一瓶水。我备受感动,同时也觉得很羞耻。

7.I interned at a studio once and they sat me at the desk and told me don’t let ANYBODY in w/o signing in. So Montell Jordan walks in , nods, and tries to walk by. I told him he had to sign in, he said he never had to before and I said “Well Mr. Jordan, This is how we do it” He was unamused.

曾经我在一个演播室实习,他们让我坐在登记处的桌子前,告诉我,别让任何人进去,除非他登记。这时Montell Jordan走了过来,他对我点点头,想要走进去。我对他说,他必须登记。他说,过去他从没登记过。我说,“好吧,Jordan先生,我们这里的规矩就是这样的。”他看起来并不太高兴。

8. Once was sitting beside Maggie Smith in an airport lounge and asked her if she wanted my autograph. I’m nobody. Damn nerves.

有一次,在机场的候机室里,我就坐在Maggie Smith旁边,我问她想不想要我的签名。我可是个无名之辈。心慌口快,该死!

9. I told Daniel Radcliffe he was a wizard and he looked at me disappointedly.


10. I met Elijah Wood (Frodo from Lord of the rings) with my brother and I went on about how much I love them, etc, and he looked to my brother and he said, “I can’t lie, I haven’t seen any of the movies in full” and Elijah Wood said “Yeah, they’re kinda long”

我和哥哥一起遇见了Elijah Wood(就是《魔戒》里的Frodo),我不停的说自己有多喜欢这个系列的电影。Elijah Wood看向我的哥哥,我的哥哥说,“我不想撒谎,这个系列的电影我一部都没有看完。” Elijah Wood说,“嗯,也是,这些电影都太长了!”

11. Nick Jonas reached out to shake my hand and I stared at his hand like this.

Nick Jonas从人群中把手伸过来,想跟我握手,我就这样看着他的手。

12.One time I told Ed Sheeran he smelt expensive.



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